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I have been an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor for several years and in April 2004 I began teaching Concealed Carry Classes.  I am now approved to instruct Concealed Carry Safety Training Classes for Missouri, Florida, AND Nevada.  The classes last for eight hours, usually on Saturday or Sunday, but can be scheduled for two evenings of four hours each or any other day of the week. We can handle groups of up to thirty-five.  The cost is $95 and that includes the firearms and ammunition required to complete the class. Group rates are available for larger groups. The range is on-site and is mostly enclosed to protect from the elements.

The following are the general requirements for the course:

        You must be at least 21 years of age.

        You will be instructed in safety at the range, home, and while carrying a firearm.

        You will be additionally instructed from the NRA manual Basic Pistol Shooting.

        You will fire at a B27 Police Silhouette Target from a distance of 21 feet.

        You will fire 50 rounds from a Revolver and 50 Rounds from a semi-automatic.

        You will fire 20 additional rounds from both firearms for the live fire test.

        You will be instructed in the escalation of force, the difference between retention, less than deadly, and deadly force and when deadly force can be used according to law. You will be taught the meaning of justification.